Schoolhouse Living: Find Farah


On her Instagram @findfarah, physician, accomplished baker, and friend of Schoolhouse Farah Guy gives her followers a window into her singular vision of graceful Portland living. Finding her dreamy life with husband Thomas, Goldendoodle Nora, and cat Nonami a constant source of inspiration, we wanted to give our reader


  1. Posted by emailmishit, — Reply

    Beautiful set. May I ask where that bed frame is from? Is stunning!!!

  2. Posted by noeln702, — Reply

    What is the paint color?

  3. Posted by melaniemichal, — Reply

    What is the name of this paint!?!

  4. Posted by MieAyam1pakeTelor, — Reply

    Kasur hellow kitty gua menangis melihat ke aestetic an ini🙂✊🏻

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